The Ford Mondeo Zetec Model

If you are looking for a car with a with a consumer enticing price, as well as the look and feel of a luxury car, then this is the car you need to consider buying.  This sleek, classy car is the Ford Mondeo.  The Zetec model is sure to appeal to a wide variety of car buyers from a large family to the single bachelor, and just about everyone in between.  This car is not only visually appealing, but to drive it feels as if you are floating on a cloud.  This is a whisper quiet drive, and will for sure bring a sense of serenity and peace to the driver. 

The Zetec Model comes with all the standard features the are included on all the Mondeo models.  A sampling of the features that come in all of the Ford Mondeo cars are a powerful air conditioning arrangement, cap free refueling, warmed windscreen, voice control technology system, state of the art alarm system, trip logging capability, convenient cruise control button, compact disc player with radio included, front headlight delay action, and several standard features as well.  The Zetec is destined to be a crowd pleaser to many.

This particular model not only comes with all the standard elements, but also has many features of its own.  Some of these extras of the Ford Mondeo include upgraded alloy wheels, dual zone air conditioning, up front fog headlights, multiple driver’s seat position controls, electric power controlled rear and front windows, leather surrounded gearshift control handle, plus too many other additions to mention.

To really get acquainted with this exquisite car is to take it on a test drive.  The environmentally friendly Ford Mondeo gives an excellent, above standard miles per gallon, as well as being very fuel efficient.  This is a very appealing feature to the budget conscious family, as well as for the buyer concerned about the environment.  The Ford Mondeo will be sure to please everyone who drives it, as well as bring a happy smile to countless faces.  The bottom line is this.  This car will be one of the best purchases you will ever make.